Michigan Hybrid Racing (MHybrid) is the University of Michigan’s official Formula Hybrid racing team. Founded in 2011, we are a multidisciplinary, student-run organization. Our mission is to design, build, test, and finance our own high-performance, hybrid-electric Formula-style race car. The team then competes at the Formula Hybrid competition at the New Hampshire International Speedway in the spring against teams from all over the world.

5th Place - 2017 Formula Hybrid Competition
5th Place - 2016 Formula Hybrid Competition
6th Place - 2015 Formula Hybrid Competition
5th Place - 2014 Formula Hybrid Competition
2nd Place - Chrysler Innovation Award
4th Place - 2013 Formula Hybrid Competition
10th Place - 2012 Formula Hybrid Competition
  • 2016 season

    We began our fifth season with a goal to consolidate. Each design team reviewed previous iterations and sought to combine the best of all into a refined product. This process produced more electric controls, a compact rear-drive EV system, and a compact profile. We moved to fifth place at our yearly competition and will use this car as a springboard for our future projects.

  • 2015 season

    For our fourth season, we started again from the ground up. Our goals were to re-invent our electric powertrain and to take a different approach to vehicle dynamics, focusing on lighter, more streamlined electrical systems integration. This plan was designed to further increase the performance capabilities of our car and make it more efficient. We also took an even closer look at ergonomics, in addition to restructuring project management for an improved team format.

  • 2014 season

    In our third season, we continued to work with the best engineers the University has to offer, further refining our chassis, simplifying systems integration, and developing a regenerative braking system to ensure maximum efficiency. We ended the season taking first place in dynamic events, with a fifth place overall finish.

  • 2013 season

    In our second season, we worked on perfecting our powertrain, improving our manufacturing processes, and refining our overall design. In our 2013 competition, we won fourth place overall and took home second place in the Chrysler Innovation Award which recognizes teams for outstanding design and implementation of electrical systems and controls.

  • 2012 season

    In our first season, we worked toward utilizing the hybrid components of the vehicle to make a car that was not only fuel efficient, but also high-performance. We wanted to create a car that was eco-friendly and also fun to drive. In our first year, our team broke new ground in the field of controls at competition, which helped lead us to a tenth place finish.